All Natural Handmade Soaps. Everything you want in a soap...and nothing you don't


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I have very sensitive skin, so I became a label reader. I was shocked when I realized how many toxic chemicals are in soaps, cosmetics, and personnel care items. So I set about changing the products I purchase to use for my body and started buying handmade soaps from local sellers, farmer's markets, and online.

Commercial bar soaps are the worst offenders and after a while of using all natural, handmade soaps and realizing how much better and softer my skin felt, I decided  that I was going to learn the art of soap making and make my own bars customized to my preferences. What I did not expect was how much fun I was going to have! I love choosing the best ingredients for my skin and creating designs for the soaps. Each batch becomes a lesson and always pushes me to learn more and become better. Soaps led to other skin care products, and before I knew it, I was hooked, and my line of all natural products grew to include body butters, lip balms, solid perfumes, bath bombs, and shampoo bars.


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My philosophy is simple: only natural ingredients go into the products I make. I try to source my raw materials from local suppliers as much as I can. All my products are imbued with these beautiful farm fresh ingredients from local farmers, which includes honey and beeswax raised in local apiaries and essential oils created in an eco-friendly process that is superior to non-sustainable essential oils found in other soaps. The color found in the soaps is all natural and derived from mineral pigments, oxides, clays, and micas. 

My heart is in every bar and it is my hope that you will enjoy your bar as much as I have enjoyed creating it.