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Let's Paint a Landscape in Acrylics at Michaels Chelsea


• What we'll do
Come and join me for painting classes at Michaels. We'll be using acrylics and watercolors and a painting kit can be purchased at the store with a 40% OFF coupon upon signing up as a Rewards Member (you can also download the Michaels app for other coupons and special offers). The painting kits have plenty of paint, brushes, a palette, and substrates that can be re-used for future classes or independent projects but feel free to bring your own supplies if you have it. Register at and choose the Chelsea location. Class fee is $15. Alternatively, you can register for the class directly at the store. Just come a little before 6PM and pay at the register before class starts.

• What to bring
If we're painting in acrylics, know that they are hard to remove from clothing, so bring an apron or wear something that you don't mind if it gets stained. For either medium, please bring a container for water such as a mason jar, large plastic cup, or any other jar to rinse brushes. I'm all for using stuff you already own, so please don't hesitate to bring what you have and we'll make it work. If you don't have anything, below is a list of supplies that comes with the kits.

ACRYLIC CLASS SUPPLIES: The acrylic classes call for the Grumbacher® Get A Start In Art™ Academy Acrylic Kit available at Michaels. You can also buy the supplies in the acrylic kit from open stock. The acrylic kit comes with these Grumbacher Academy Acrylic colors: Process Cyan (can be substituted with Thalo Blue as needed), Process Magenta (can be substituted with Thio Violet as needed) and Process Yellow (can be substituted with Cadmium Yellow Light or Medium as needed). It also comes with Titanium White and Burnt Umber. The brushes are a round #6, 3/4" oval wash brush, and a 1/4" angle brush. The kit also comes with a mixing tray and a 9" x 12" canvas panel. 

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