Intro to Modern Calligraphy Brush Lettering - September 17th @6PM


Intro to Modern Calligraphy Brush Lettering - September 17th @6PM


Calligraphy isn’t a lost art, it’s just an art that you haven’t learned yet.
Our basic Modern Calligraphy - Brush Lettering class teaches you the techniques you need to create the thick and thin lines that creates the beautiful letterforms of modern brush calligraphy.

No prior experience is required! The skills you’ll learn can be applied to cards, invitations, signs, or just to give your penmanship a little pizzazz. You’ll even leave with your own hand-drawn greeting card, a brush pen, and worksheets to continue practicing your newfound skills. And don’t worry about what you need to bring, we’ll provide all the necessary materials to get you started.

In this workshop you will learn:
-Lettering tools and how to use them
-Basic strokes of modern brush lettering
-How to compose both upper case and lower case letters
-How to connect letters to form words and phrases
-Tips and tricks for perfecting your lettering practice
-How to create a lettered card for your final piece!

This class will take place at a café in the Flatiron area

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