About ME

I believe every person in this world is a creative being! When we use our creative gifts we connect deeply with ourselves, shine light on others and embrace the divine souls that we truly are, enabling us to live a happier and more fulfilled life
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Hi, I’m Jade and I'm a watercolor artist, calligrapher, educator, embroiderer, confessed craftaholic, and fueled by tea and cat purrs. Phew! That was a LOT but what can I say? I wear many hats when it comes to making things but the hat I love the most is teaching and sharing my enthusiasm for art with as many people as I can!

 I come from a long line of artistic women and my mission in life is to use the skills I learned from them to help others find joy and fulfillment through artistic expression. I strongly believe that every soul is creative and finding ways to express that creativity is fundamental to have a joyful and fulfilling life. I promise, I’m living proof of it!


My earliest memories are of sitting at my grandmothers’ feet while they sewed, knitted, painted, and embroidered, listening to their stories about the old country and learning their many crafts. I also loved to draw and paint the flowers in my nonna’s garden and I would spend hours sitting on the ground with my crayons translating with them all the beautiful plants and the fantastical creatures that inhabited that magical place in my imagination - fairies, pixies, and gnomes, and they, along with the flowers and trees, all wanted to be painted. 


I'm constantly searching for new ways to express my deepest thoughts and feelings into art and I find inspiration in everything around me - an exceptionally gorgeous sunset, the feeling of the wind brushing against my face on a lovely spring day or, admiring the artwork of my favorite artists, and even in the most mundane of activities like watching suds forming on the surface of a dish I'm washing. Inspiration is everywhere, in everything, all the time, and ready to be transformed into art if only we allow ourselves to be open to the beauty and poetry around us.


I am deeply stimulated by flowers and pastoral beauty - nature in its most playful forms, fairy lore, and romantic vintage images of New York in the Gilded Age, and my work is driven by the desire to leave something beautiful behind with every step I take. The experience of painting plants is energizing and magical, they almost seem to exert their will. Their resilience and beauty is a testament to life. I paint flowers and nature to connect with that force and to celebrate it.

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I love teaching others, specially how to paint and embroider flowers and landscapes, and how to make beautiful letters to create inspirational quotes, just as much as I love making art. I'm very passionate about bringing the joy of creating to everyone and I firmly believe that everybody has the ability to be imaginative and creative - it is not a talent that only a few fortunate gifted ones have, but a skill that can be learned and practiced, and once acquired, it opens the door to finding happiness through artistic expression. My desire is to share my creative journey, to teach, uplift, and encourage everyone to live their best creative lives. My motto in life is "Make art, feel happy!" 


When I'm not in my studio creating or playing with my fur babies, and tending to my beloved plants, I can be found all over New York City bringing my passion and enthusiasm for teaching calligraphy, painting, embroidery, and all kinds of crafts at private and corporate events, fundraisers, and everywhere that will be welcoming to my students and I.

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Artist Statement

Creating art is a form of meditation and spiritual dialogue. Within the subconscious, there is a rich world of images; a wealth of connections and memories, built layer upon layer, much like my art works. As a spiritual and reflective person, I am compelled to search through these images for meaning and significance. As an artist, I seek to refine this information and create personal work with substance and beauty, work that translates the rich landscape of my dreams, the imagery of my inner worlds, and the breathtaking nature around me.


Watercolor is quite possibly my favorite medium and painting botanical art and idyllic landscapes are my greatest artistic passions. However, I am also drawn to mixed media because it allows me to use a variety of materials and techniques in each new painting. My process, however, remains consistent. I like to work in layers that build upon each other, culminating in a progression of cohesive textures, colors, and patterns that repeat throughout my work. Through continuous experimentation, I keep finding new inspiration that grows and builds upon itself, which invariably leads to my next paintings.

I wish to paint the joy I feel when I see a gorgeous flower in bloom and when I think of all the gardens I dream to visit one day, trying to capture the dreamy colors, the dancing light, and the spirit of the plants I so love, the landscape, and the wildlife around me
Art classes near me, Paint and Sip near me, Paint Party, Art classes for adults, Art classes for kids, Online Art classes, Mixed Media Artist