corporate events

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Corporate Workshops

Modern Calligraphy and Watercolors are the perfect team-building activity. Your team will learn new skills and experience first hand the bonding and meditative power of learning together. Project options include notecards, name cards, inspirational quotes, and even embossed notecards.


client workshops

Client workshops are the best way to bring in new customers and give them a special experience that they are sure to remember. I've hosted client workshops at CraftJAM, Blick Art Materials, WeWork, Pace University, Arlo Hotels. Book your event today and show your customers what an innovative company you are!


Personalization Station

Hand Lettering and Modern Calligraphy are perfect for personalized favors. Great for all kinds of brand events, happy hour, and cocktail parties, Personalization makes guests feel special and appreciated. I can write your guest names on a variety of surfaces: name cards, wine glasses, coffee mugs, journals, tote bags, etc.



I would love to be invited to your next party or event. Private workshops are an awesome way to learn something new with your friends and family. I can create custom workshop experiences for adults, teens, and kids ages 12 and up. Contact me to work together to choose the perfect mix of calligraphy, watercolor, or embroidery activities that will certainly delight your guests.