Private classes

Art making, undeniably, is conductive to happiness and self realization

Learning in-person is the best way to go! Come join me and get some hands-on instruction that’ll give you the foundation you need to get started with your new creative outlets!


 private classes

I offer private watercolor and calligraphy lessons in New York City or live online sessions. Students can choose from different topics such as brush calligraphy, dip pen calligraphy, watercolor lettering, embroidery, and watercolor florals or landscapes. Topics can be mixed and matched to suit individual needs.

Contact me to book a class or schedule a consultation to design the most suitable syllabus for your needs.

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In person CLASS - $130 for 2 hours (All supplies included)

LIVE Online CLASS - $100 For 2 hours (students provide supplies)

Schedule 3 sessions or or more and receive a complimentary extra half hour per class after the first class.


Joint Lessons

Lessons can be scheduled for 1or 2 people (check the Upcoming Workshops for larger groups). Discounts will be applied for joint lessons.

The principle of true art is not to portray, but to evoke
— Jerzy Kosinsky