“I wish to paint the joy I feel when I think of the places I dream to visit one day, trying to capture the dreamy colors, the dancing light, and the spirit of the people, the landscape, and wildlife around me”



classes and events

I offer art classes and paint and sip events that meet the learning style of all students- adults and children. No experience required! 


My creative journey

I am an artist, teacher, and creativity coach. It is my belief that we can be happier and more fulfilled by expressing ourselves creatively and I'm deeply passionate about making art accessible to all. 



I'm always experimenting with new materials and I love to combine traditional and digital art. To quote Van Gogh: "I'm seeking, I'm striving, I'm in it with all my heart." That's my philosophy in life.


The world has enough doctor’s office art. What we need is fun, unique, and weird art! Support living artists, The dead ones don't need your money!

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“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”
— Edgar Degas