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“I wish to paint the joy I feel when I see a gorgeous flower in bloom and when I think of all the gardens I dream to visit one day, trying to capture the dreamy colors, the dancing light, and the spirit of the plants I so love, the landscape, and the wildlife around me” 


classes and events

I offer private and group watercolor, modern calligraphy, and embroidery classes as well as paint and sip events and online classes that meet the learning style of all students- beginners through advanced. No experience required! 

My creative journey

I am a watercolor artist, modern calligrapher, teacher, and confessed craftaholic. It is my deepest belief that we can be happier and more fulfilled when expressing ourselves creatively and I'm intensely passionate about making art accessible to all. 



Watercolor is my greatest love but I'm always experimenting with new materials and I love to combine traditional and digital art with live plants and other materials. To quote Van Gogh: "I'm seeking, I'm striving, I'm in it with all my heart." That's my philosophy in life.

My desire is to share my creative journey, to teach, uplift, and encourage everyone to live their best creative lives. My motto in life is “Make art, feel happy!”
— Jade Scarlett

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The world has enough doctor’s office art. What we need is fun and unique art! Support living artists, The dead ones don’t need your money!