I believe that it’s always art o’clock somewhere and I want to make “making things” simple for you. I’m here to support you in your desire to create: to paint, to hand letter, to make something fun, beautiful, personal, and in the process find a piece of yourself.

Creative workshops & corporate events

Making art is a powerful way to calm the mind and express your creativity. In my interactive, beginner-friendly classes, students learn simple techniques to create beautiful watercolor art, calligraphy, and other crafts, and take away the tools to create a daily art habit. I offer private and group classes, as well as corporate events that meet the learning style of all students- beginners through advanced. No experience required!

custom calligraphy & Personalization

I offer Wedding & Formal Calligraphy, Signage & Lettering, Custom Artwork & Giftware, Custom Swag Items, Logos, and Graphic Design


Hi, I’m Jade and I’m an artist, calligrapher, and educator. It is my deepest belief that we can be happier and more fulfilled when expressing ourselves creatively and I'm intensely passionate about teaching and making art accessible to all. My desire is to share my creative journey: to teach, uplift, and encourage everyone to live their best creative lives. My motto in life is "Make art, feel happy!"


online classes

No time to go to an in person class? No worries! Learn new skills without leaving the comfort of you pjs with easy projects and the support of an amazing online community

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Upcoming Classes

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watercolor florals


October 11th 6-8:30PM $50

Intro to Modern Calligraphy - brush lettering


October 15th 6-8:30PM $50

new class

watercolor embroidery

October 26th 11AM-2PM $60


October 25th 6-8:30PM $50


watercolor LANDSCAPES



new class

Embroidered Calligraphy

October 26th 2:30PM-5:30PM

Creativity is contagious, pass it on
— Einstein

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The world has enough doctor’s office art. What we need is fun and unique art! Support living artists, The dead ones don’t need your money!
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